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Message from the Editors

Dr. Cathy Jeffery, Dr. Susan Tupper

Welcome to the SaskPain newsletter! Newsletters are scheduled to be delivered in October, December, March and June and provide information and updates about SaskPain activities and resources for chronic pain management locally, provincially, and nationally.

SaskPain has Capacity for Board Growth
If you are interested in finding out more about being a SaskPain Board member and have experience and skills particularly in the areas of business development, fundraising, legal, or social media please email SaskPain or view the SaskPain Board Member application at this link SaskPain Board Member Application.

International Pain Awareness Month - September 2023
The focus of this distinction was on our improved understanding of chronic pain that affects 1 in 5 Canadians, including here at home in Saskatchewan.
See the statement by the Honourable Ya'ara Saks, Minister of Mental Health and Addictions and Associate Minister of Health here: Health Canada Minister Statement International Pain Awareness Month

Updates from the SaskPain Board
  • SaskPain has established provincial and national collaborations and contributes to work being conducted in the Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA) to develop a provincial pain strategy. Consultation that included SaskPain Board members, people with lived experience, pain experts and the SHA Senior Leadership Team informed development of the provincial pain strategy, highlighting data from the Improving Pain In Saskatchewan research study (Principal Investigators Dr. Susan Tupper and Dr. Karen Juckes).
  • SaskPain is partnering with provincial professional associations to explore opportunities for collaboration which will support the actions of the provincial pain strategy. SaskPain has provided representation to the SHA working group developing and implementing a primary care chronic pain management clinical pathway currently being piloted in the Regina area of the province.
  • The national Chronic Pain Network is one of five networks funded through a Knowledge Mobilization and Implementation Science Grant from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research Strategy for Patient-oriented Research (SPOR). SaskPain is a partner on this project and is collaborating with other national stakeholders to mobilize knowledge to people living with pain and healthcare providers in order to remove barriers to pain management.
  • SaskPain Board members are in the process of identifying priorities for next steps in provincial and national collaborations and new projects to support people living with pain and their healthcare providers in Saskatchewan.
Also In this Newsletter:

  • SaskPain Board Member honored
  • SaskPain is a collaborative partner with Pain Canada
  • Research updates and participation opportunities
  • Resources for pain management
  • Learning opportunities and conferences
SaskPain Board Member Honored
At the recent Chiropractic Association of Saskatchewan (CAS) AGM, SaskPain board member Dr. Mark Labrecque was recognized by his colleagues as a recipient of the Dr. Bramham Award for Excellence in Chiropractic. This award recognizes outstanding long-term service, devotion to chiropractic and service to ones’ colleagues. The recipient demonstrates the quality of a leader and serves as an example and inspiration to others. Congratulations Dr. Labrecque!

In the picture below are L - R: Dr. Jennifer Beggs, CAS President, Dr. Mark Labrecque, and Dr. Stephanie Fox (CAS Board Member).
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Pain Canada is the first multi-stakeholder national initiative where people who have lived experience with pain are at the center of decision-making and priority-setting. Resources are being mobilized to build capacity towards dramatically improved systems of care and support for people with pain.

SaskPain has a presence on the national chronic pain scene through the collaborative partnership with Pain Canada. Our Board Chair, Dr. Susan Tupper represents SaskPain on the Pain Canada National Advisory Committee.

Pain Canada has received 5 years of funding for several different initiatives that includes mentorship for provincial organizations like SaskPain, spreading evidence-based pain education for healthcare providers and people who live with pain, supporting national Canadian Pain Society rounds, and continued support for the Putting the Pieces Together conference for people living with pain - see the Learning Opportunities and Conferences section below for links to find out more about these initiatives. See the news release at this link: News Release Pain Canada 5 Year Funding

Saskatchewan will benefit from being a partner with this new national action network that will work to advocate for country-wide standards, encourage pain-related research, promote equity, and influence policymakers.

For more information about the important work Pain Canada is leading check the website Pain Canada.

Research and Improvement Opportunities - How to Participate and Updates

Participants Needed for Nerve Pain Research
Researchers from the School of Rehabilitation Science at the University of Saskatchewan are recruiting participants to complete approximately 30 - 60 minute semi structured interviews for the Community-Directed Virtual Care Strategies for the Management of Neuropathic Pain in Remote Indigenous Communities: A Collaborative Approach to a Culturally Responsive Virtual Care Process Study. With participant consent, the semi-structured interviews will be recorded, transcribed and used for analysis.

Researchers are looking at the needs of Indigenous patients for the management of nerve pain associated with diabetes, spinal cord injury, amputation, HIV, post radiation syndromes, multiple sclerosis, or other nerve related issues. They are also interested in how virtual care can be used to join nerve pain experts from other locations with participant community members to help in their care. The research team is composed of Elders, Knowledge Keepers, Indigenous community members, professors, physicians, physiotherapists, a pharmacist, and a nurse practitioner.

The information provided will help to better understand: 1) experiences of living with nerve pain; 2) what unique preferences might assist the use of virtual care to support nerve pain care; 3) what type of information would help to understand if using virtual care is helpful in the treatment of people with pain in your community.

Please contact Dr. Stacey Lovo or Dr. Hamza Dani for more information and see the study recruitment poster here: Nerve Pain Study Recruitment Poster
Research Participation Opportunity for Healthcare Professionals
Are you a healthcare professional in Canada working with chronic pain patients? You’re invited to complete an online research survey to understand the use of trauma-informed approaches in your clinical practice with your chronic pain patients.

You are invited to participate in this research if:
1) you are able to complete a web-based survey in English or French;
2) you are a licensed healthcare professional working in Canada; and
3) at least one third of your patients are consulting you for chronic pain.

This research is being led by Catherine Paré (PhD candidate, McGill University) and Arthur Woznowski-Vu (PhD candidate, McGill University) under the supervision of Dr. Timothy Wideman (Associate Professor, McGill University).

Link to survey: Trauma Informed Approaches in Chronic Pain Clinical Practice Survey
Questions? Contact Catherine Paré: catherine.pare2@mail.mcgill.ca.
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The Improving Pain in Saskatchewan (IPSK) Research team has been busy with knowledge mobilization. Find study updates on our website at: SaskPain Research

Achievements and Activities Update for Phases 3 and 4 of the Project:
  • Interviews with people living with chronic pain and family caregivers, healthcare providers, health services decision makers, and community based organization representatives identified recommended change strategies including service program elements (what programs or services needed to improve pain) and service delivery elements (how care can be delivered) Recommended Change Strategies
Saskatoon area working group - Narrative (story-based) interviews were conducted with people living with pain and healthcare providers. Data analysis of these interviews was completed and story boards were developed depicting common elements from the interviews. Three educational, comic-style graphic medicine stories were designed and illustrated with Arcana Creative. Feedback on the draft stories is being collected from people living with pain, healthcare providers, and health services decision makers through a second round of reflection interviews. A focus group will be held in early November to help inform a plan for how to use the stories to improve healthcare provider knowledge about pain and stigma.
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Regina area working group - is excited to provide an update on their pediatric chronic pain work. The three targeted strategies include the following: 1) Pediatric Chronic Pain Conference, 2) Children's Book and Grade 3-4 Curriculum Package, and 3) Virtual Reality across inpatient and outpatient pediatric services (in progress).
  • The Pediatric Chronic Pain conference (November 2022) attracted 90 attendees including health care providers and students form multiple disciplines, school teachers, and people with lived experience (PwLE). The IWK (Halifax Pediatric Pain Management) interprofessional pediatric chronic pain team presented on the biopsychosocial approach for management of pediatric chronic pain and PwLE shared their journeys with with pediatric chronic pain. 48 participants completed an evaluation reporting high levels of satisfaction with the conference and motivation for practice change. 21 respondents expressed interest in joining a provincial pediatric pain network.
  • The grade 3 - 4 curriculum resource on chronic pain is designed to be used alongside the children's storybook. The story is about Rikki, an adventurous, determined, fun-loving, gender-neutral school-aged child with complex pain. Rikki is prepping for a big relay race during school play-day where they experience excitement, disappointment, and validation over the curse of the big day. The curriculum resource includes slides, tools, and printable materials that educate teachers and students on complex pain in children. Sample activities include 'Rikki's friend' and creation on an 'Inclusivity App'.
  • Dr. Karen Juckes, RN and Ms. Megan Hewson, RN represented the Regina working group at the International Pediatric Pain Society Conference in Halifax (October 1 - 4, 2023) where they presented a poster entitled: Better Together Collaborative Research Partnership Addressing Pediatric Chronic Pain in Saskatchewan.
For further information about pediatric chronic pain please contact Dr. Karen Juckes at karen.juckes@usask.ca

Want to keep up to date on our research?
Email selene.daniel.whyte@usask.ca to join the newsletter mailing list or follow on:

Facebook: Improving Pain in SK
Instagram: @ImprovingPainSK
Find links to favorite websites at: linktr.ee/improvingpainsk

Improving Pain In SK Newsletter Can Be Found Here

Resources for Pain Management - Local and National

Active Living With Pain - NEW Resource
Active Living for Pain is a new resource for people living with pain who are looking for information on how to become and stay physically active. Our research team led by Dr. Nancy Gyurcsik and Dr. Susan Tupper is working with people who live with pain and community-based exercise instructors to co-design a physical activity program for people who have moderate to high impact pain. Follow us on social media and visit our website to follow our progress and learn about Active Living for Pain.
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Partners in Pain - The Online Sessions

You can still access recordings of the sessions that featured guest speakers who presented on a variety of interesting topics related to pain management. Topics of sessions in the series relating to pain include massage therapy, sleep, managing stress, biomedical dry needling, how culture shapes the world of pain, caregiver well-being, and nutrition.

All of the session recordings can be found on SaskPain's website or at the YouTube link below: Partners in Pain Recordings

If you would like more information please contact the Program Coordinator Selene Daniel-Whyte selene.daniel.whyte@usask.ca

This Phase of Partners in Pain was funded in part by a grant from the Community Initiatives Fund.

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Podcast & Audio Interviews

Although this series has wrapped up, you can still download the 30-minute audio interviews to a personal device for easy listening, or stream the episodes online."Your Partners In Pain” is a resource and initiative that seeks to raise awareness, spread knowledge, and give individuals a platform to share their personal stories about living with pain.

During this series, we spoke to a number of pain advocates and researchers about topics like CRPS, living with pain as a pediatric patient, self advocacy, pelvic pain and endometriosis, holistic pain care, the pain cycle, and the activities associated with the IPSK project.

All 20 episodes can be found on our SaskPain YouTube, our Transistor account or anywhere podcasts are streamed (click on the blue button below).
Thanks to the generous support of the Community Initiatives Fund for making this series possible.

SaskPain is always interested in speaking to Saskatchewan-based individuals about their lived experience of pain, professionals who are involved in pain research, or clinicians focusing on pain management. Please contact SaskPain if you are interested in sharing your experience.

We welcome feedback or suggestions on this endeavor, and any questions can be directed to SaskPain

The SaskPain Website has Great Resources!
In addition to resources and information that you can find on the SaskPain Website
our provincial and national partners also have excellent offerings:

Power Over Pain Portal
The Power Over Pain Portal is the result of a coast-to-coast Canadian collaboration of people living with pain, clinicians, researchers, and representatives of community organizations with the common goal of improving access to chronic pain care in Canada. Power Over Pain is a direct response to Health Canada's Action Plan for Pain in Canada. The goal is to provide access to free resources in a one-stop shop. Resources include articles, videos, podcasts, courses, workshops, and peer support. You can also access 24/7 one-on-one counselling, offered through Wellness Together Canada. Access the website here: Power Over Pain

Pain BC
Pain BC offers many resources for persons who have lived experience and health care providers. Check out their website for array of resources and information: Pain BC

Pain Society of Alberta
The Pain Society of Alberta (PSA) has recently updated their resources page.
Check it out here: PSA Resources
You can also access video presentations from the 2022 Annual Conference here: Pain Society of Alberta 2022 Conference Videos

Canadian Pain Society
The Canadian Pain Society (CPS) provides many resources for people living with pain and for healthcare professionals. Check the website out: Canadian Pain Society

Chronic Pain Centre of Excellence for Canadian Veterans
The Chronic Pain Centre of Excellence for Canadian Veterans is a research centre focusing on improving the well-being of Veterans with chronic pain.
Check the website out for information and resources: Chronic Pain Centre of Excellence for Canadian Veterans
Dr. Andrea Furlan YouTube Videos for People with Lived Pain Experience
Dr. Andrea Furlan MD PhD is a rehabilitation physician and pain specialist in Toronto, Ontario. She has developed YouTube videos that address chronic pain conditions, treatment, and prevention. Her videos provide practical information for people with lived pain experience and health care providers who practice in the area of pain management. In addition to English, most of her videos have closed captions in other languages including Portuguese, Spanish, Hindi, French, Filipino, and Chinese.
Dr. Furlan continually adds new content to her YouTube channel and has recently added a video that presents seated exercises that can support improved health, balance, and mobility: Dr Andrea Furlan YouTube Channel

People in Pain Network
People in Pain Network is a non-profit organization that promotes well-being for people living in persistent pain and those who care about them, by strengthening self-management programs, access to resources, and community support. Check out the Resources button on the website: People in Pain Network

Learning Opportunities and Conferences

Canadian Pain Society (CPS) Monthly National Pain Rounds
CPS National Pain Rounds are offered, free of charge, on the last Friday of each month (except December). Check this page on the CPS website to find out more about content and dates and to register: CPS Pain Rounds

Pain Society of Alberta (PSA) 17th Annual 2023 Conference
The Pain Society of Alberta 17th Annual Conference was held from Friday October 13, 2023 - Saturday 14, 2023 in Edmonton, AB. Check the website: Pain Society of Alberta Annual Conference

Canadian Pain Society (CPS) Annual Scientific Meeting 2024 - Save the Date and Watch for Details
The CPS has announced the 2024 Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM) will be held in Ottawa from April 27 - 30 at the Westin Hotel. A special feature of the 2024 ASM is that it will be co-organized between CPS and Health Canada. Check out the CPS ASM page here for more details: Canadian Pain Society ASM

Pain Canada Hosting Annual Putting the Pieces Together Conference November 6 - 12, 2023
Pain Canada is hosting another national online conference, organized for and by people living with pain, in November 2023 for people who live with pain. The 2022 conference was attended by over 500 people from across Canada. Registration for the 2023 conference is now open!
Click on this link for information about this annual conference, schedules and sessions, and to register 2023 conference.
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