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Message from the Editors

Dr. Cathy Jeffery, Dr. Susan Tupper

It's hard to believe that another year is nearly at an end. And what a year 2021 has been! We take time to reflect on all that has happened during the last year and look forward the opportunities that 2022 promises for the development of pain management resources and strategies in Saskatchewan.

Here are some highlights since our last newsletter:
  • Our website redesign is complete, along with a new logo. Check out www.saskpain.ca for all the latest news on pain management resources, education, and research in Saskatchewan.
  • SaskPain continues to partner on a research project called "Improving Pain in Saskatchewan" that aims to co-design new services for pain in the province.
  • Partners in Pain, Phase 2 of the Yorkton area Improving Pain in SK research project, is in full swing.
  • Your Partners in Pain - a new podcast.
  • Meet patient partner and SaskPain board member, Ross McCreery, and check out his blog.
  • Read about an important pain management resource in Regina.
  • SaskPain was a non-profit sponsor at the World Pain Summit hosted by the Pain Society of Alberta.
  • Pediatric pain clinical standard - take part in an online public review
  • SaskPain Board member changes: Board members Dr. Tim Bolton and Diane Kotschorek have stepped down to focus on other activities.
      • Dr. Bolton, through his practice as an Anesthesiologist and Pain Medicine Physician, continues to contribute to the management of chronic pain in the province.
      • With her lived experience with pain, Diane’s contribution has been extremely significant in informing the work of SaskPain.
  • A very hearty thank-you to Dr. Bolton and Diane for their service to the SaskPain Board and we wish them well. We will miss their perspectives, guidance, and thoughtful contributions.

  • With this, we are excited to welcome two new Board members:

    • Dr. Mark Labreque, DC is an experienced Chiropractor with a keen interest in interdisciplinary evidence-based patient/client centered care. Dr. Labreque has been active throughout his career academically and in provincial and national association work.

    • Paul Mitchell is an experienced Physical Therapist (PT) who is interested in advancing the management of pain for those with lived experience in the province. In his current Senior PT role, Paul’s practice has a focus on chronic pain management.

  • Both Dr. Mark Labreque and Paul Mitchell bring extensive clinical and professional experience, unique perspectives, and innovative ideas and ways to connect the work of SaskPain to the province and beyond. Welcome!
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Improving Pain in SK Research Project:

Building on a pain management needs assessment conducted in Saskatoon's downtown and core neighborhoods, Yorkton and surrounding area, and Regina's pediatric services, SaskPain is partnering with the Partners in Pain working group to deliver a workshop series of interactive sessions for people living with pain.

Topics for the sessions have been informed by the pain management needs assessment and by members of the working group, many of whom have lived experience with pain.

Want to keep posted on our research? Email selene.daniel.whyte@usask.ca to join the newsletter mailing list or follow on:

Facebook: Improving Pain in SK
Instagram: @ImprovingPainSK
Find links to favorite websites at: linktr.ee/improvingpainsk

Improving Pain in SK is funded by the Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation and Saskatchewan Centre for Patient Oriented Research.

Improving Pain In SK Newsletter Can Be Found Here

Partners in Pain - The Online Sessions

This interactive workshop series is bringing Phase 2 of the Yorkton and area Improving Pain in SK project to life!

Sessions are offered every two weeks on an alternating schedule of Tuesday evenings and Wednesday afternoons.

Sessions consist of guest speakers who present on a variety of interesting topics related to pain management. In addition, a person with lived experience shares their story and strategies, and the session concludes with an activity that can range from an art project to the art of the practice of mindfulness techniques.

All of the sessions are recorded and can be found on SaskPain's website. Here are links to two sessions:
Watch for Dr. Allison Cammer's presentation on Nutrition and Pain which will be posted to the SaskPain website soon.

Planning is well underway for the 2022 sessions which will start on Tuesday January 18th. If you would like to attend, contact the Program Coordinator Selene Daniel-Whyte selene.daniel.whyte@usask.ca. Partners in Pain is funded in part by a grant from the Community Initiatives Fund.

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Podcast & Audio Interview Launch

Thanks to the generous support of the Community Initiatives Fund, we were able to launch a podcast! "Your Partners In Pain” is a resource and initiative that seeks to raise awareness, spread knowledge, and give individuals a platform to share their personal stories about living with pain. Users can download these 30-minute audio interviews to a personal device for easy listening, or stream the episodes online.

So far, we have spoken to a number of pain advocates and researchers about topics like CRPS, living with pain as a pediatric patient, self advocacy, and the activities associated with the IPSK project but we would love to hear from YOU! SaskPain is looking to speak to Saskatchewan-based individuals about their lived experience of pain, professionals who are involved in pain research, or clinicians focusing on pain management. Episodes 1 through 5 can be found on our website, social media pages, or our Transistor homepage for audio download (below).

We welcome feedback or suggestions on this endeavour, and any questions can be directed at Alexandria.pavelich@usask.ca
Meet Ross & check out his important blog that addresses Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)
My name is Ross McCreery, and I was diagnosed with the rare disease CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome) in 2006. With few support groups and no cure for the debilitating chronic pain I live with I decided to create the blog "Painfully Optomistic."

I saw this as a way to educate the public and raise awareness for those who live with the disease. In sharing my story and the journey I’m on, my hope is that I encourage, inspire, and empower others to try to overcome the adversity they face.

Ross' inspiring can also be heard on the Partners In Pain Podcast, HERE.
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Saskatchewan Pain Management Resources – Highlighting: The Regina Chronic Pain Clinic

The Regina Chronic Pain Clinic is situated on the 1000 block of Albert Street in Regina, and is comprised of an interdisciplinary team made up of physicians, nurse practitioners, registered psychiatric nurses, dedicated pharmacist support, movement and yoga therapy specialist and licensed practical nurses.

The clinic offers a multi-modal approach to chronic non-cancer pain management which can include, but is not limited to, medications, mental health support, movement therapy, traditional indigenous medicine, and interventional medicine. They help manage chronic pain patients until an optimal and safe care plan is achieved. The physicians and nurse practitioners at the Regina Chronic Pain Clinic do not take over prescribing for patients permanently, as patients are transitioned back to their primary care physician once stable.

The clinic accepts patient referrals from physicians
(click here to access the "Physician Referral Form").
SaskPain a sponsor of the recent Pain Society of Alberta World Pain Summit (October 2021)

SaskPain was honoured to have been a sponsor for the World Pain Summit (WPS) hosted by the Pain Society of Alberta (PSA) in October 2021! Visit the the Pain Society of Alberta's website HERE in order to access more information about the 2021 World Pain Summit and previous events.

You can also find recordings of PSA events and speakers whom presented at the WPS at their YouTube page, HERE. If you subscribe to the PSA YouTube channel, you will receive information when new material has been uploaded.
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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Pediatric Pain Management - Public Review

The Health Standards Organization (HSO) creates clinical standards that inform healthcare accreditation standards, and they have created a standard for pediatric pain management. These standards inform accreditation criteria for health services. The HSO is currently seeking public review on the pediatric pain standard.

Everyone is welcome to take this opportunity to review and comment on the following draft standard by HSO before it is published - CLICK HERE. There will continue to be future opportunities to provide feedback as part of an ongoing review process.

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