The Saskatchewan Pain Society Inc. (SaskPain) is the hub for information about pain for people living in Saskatchewan. We connect people living with pain, families, and healthcare providers with information about Saskatchewan health services, educational opportunities and research.
Members of the public are invited to share their personal stories about managing pain in Saskatchewan.
Living with pain
Whether you, a family member, or a friend are living with chronic pain, SaskPain is here to help. Learn more about chronic pain or get help with pain management.
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Healthcare providers
At SaskPain, we have information for healthcare providers on education and mentorship, clinical pathways, patient information resources, and conferences.
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Pain research in Sask.
Discover research on pain in Saskatchewan. We have research networks and announcements and curated research profiles to let you discover the latest information.
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News from outside Sask.
Find information on pain organizations and events from across Canada and around the world.
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Get involved
Share your story, volunteer for a working group, apply to be a volunteer board member, or donate to support SaskPain activities.
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About SaskPain
Learn more about the origins of SaskPain and the members of the Board of Directors.

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Please note that SaskPain does not offer clinical consultations. Contact your healthcare providers for specific advice on whether the resources listed on the SaskPain website are good options for your pain.