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SaskPain is a supporting organization for The Improving Pain in Saskatchewan (IPSK) research project. The team is in the final phase of their work that began in March 2020 thanks to funding from The Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation, Saskatchewan Centre for Patient Oriented Research and Saskatchewan Community Initiatives Fund. Phase 1 included 152 interviews with people living with pain, their supporters, healthcare providers, community based organization representatives, and health services decision makers. Participants identified 61 potential change strategies including new health services, education and awareness, supports for navigation and care coordination, and support groups. The Phase 1 results are part of the data being used by the Saskatchewan Health Authority to inform development of a provincial pain services strategy. Phase 2 and 3 for the IPSK work involved development, implementation, and evaluation of change strategies selected by working groups in three communities.


  • The Yorkton area working group ran a series of online education and support groups for people living with pain called Partners in Pain. See recordings of these sessions and our Podcasts on the SaskPain YouTube Channel.
  • The Regina area working group held a conference on pediatric pain on November 25, 2022 in conjunction with the University of Saskatchewan Pain & Therapeutics Conference.
  • The Regina team is finishing work on a children’s book and curriculum resources for Grade 3 to 5 students on chronic pain in children. The curriculum materials related to Health, English Language Arts, Social Studies and Physical Education. The story is about Rikki, an adventurous, determined, fun-loving child living with complex pain. Rikki is preparing for a big relay race during the school play-day. Rikki experiences excitement, disappointment, and validation over the course of the story. The curriculum resource includes slides, tools, and printable materials to educate both teachers and students about complex pain in children. Contact Dr. Karen Juckes ( for more information on how to access the book or materials for your classrooms.
  • The Regina team also tested use of virtual reality headsets in hospital wards in Regina for m
    anagement of pain in children undergoing painful healthcare procedures.
  • The Saskatoon team worked with Arcana Creative to develop three graphic medicine stories (educational comics) for healthcare provider education that aim to challenge stigma around pain and substance use. The stories tell both the patient and provider perspectives and challenge readers to reflect on ways that pain management can be improved and accessed. The first pages of each story are linked below. If you are a healthcare educator, contact Dr. Susan Tupper ( for more information on how to obtain the full stories to use in your learning activities.
    • Theresa’s story is about a young pregnant woman living with chronic pain after a motor vehicle collision. Theresas Story_pg1
    • Jim and Dr. Houghton’s story is about a man living with chronic pain after back surgery. Jims Story_pg1
    • Dennis and Nurse Tracy’s story is about a man in hospital struggling with pain and withdrawal symptoms. Dennis Story_pg1




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