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Read about the Pain Treatment Planning Questionnaire – Bleeding Disorders.

Approximately half of people living with a bleeding disorder such as Hemophilia and von Willebrand Diseases live with chronic pain and rely on the bleeding disorder treatment program clinicians for advice on pain management. In collaboration with the Saskatchewan Bleeding Disorder Clinicians and patients, Dr. Susan Tupper and team developed a patient-reported questionnaire on pain and pain treatment called the Pain Treatment Planning Questionnaire (PTPQ). Items for the questionnaire and the wording of questions were refined through working group meetings with patients and clinicians, a literature review, and cognitive interviews with patients. In a small randomized controlled trail in the clinic, we found that use of the PTPQ was associated with higher scores for Therapeutic Alliance and higher satisfaction with the pain treatment plan. Research continues to assess the validity, reliability, and clinical utility of the questionnaire. Current studies underway were financially supported by the Canadian Hemophilia Society and its partner, Novo Nordisk, under the Canadian Hemophilia Society – Novo Nordisk Canada Psychosocial Research Program. Notre étude a été financée par la Société canadienne de l’hémophilie et son partenaire, Novo Nordisk, dans le cadre du Programme de recherche psychosociale de la Société canadienne de l’hémophilie – Novo Nordisk Canada.

Tupper SM, Nilson J, King J, Downe P, Hodgson N, Schlosser T, Brose K. Development and clinical feasibility testing of the Pain Treatment Planning Questionnaire. Journal of Haemophilia Practice. June 8, 2020; Volume 7, Issue 1, pages 12-24. DOI: Available here.


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